Monsters are everywhere! 

So much has been happening here. Since I last wrote, I have been on a 10 week course to help me build my portfolio, such fun. Not only have I learnt tonnes, pushed through my comfort zone many times, but I have met, some amazingly creative and talented artists too.

One of the challenges set was to create some characters, and as it was late October, ghosts and ghouls seemed appropriate. I didn't really want to restrict myself too much, after a few hours of scribbling and playing with paint, sprays and splodges, some rather fun and friendly beings emerged.

Pumpkin Monster

Monsters are the order of the day.

From a cool and collected orange monster with a pumpkin on its head, to spooky black cat wearing fluffy yellow blob or a charming tall, pink monster with a couple of ghosts balancing aloft, culminating to spinning, swirling and hairy beings sporting different types of hats; I particularly like the balancing Christmas tree.

Make of it what you will, but I think these crazy monsters are here to stay :)