Women who Suffered for the future

I am not a political person (well, maybe just slightly.. ); this month I have been studying some amazing and motivated women - the Suffragettes. Mostly from fairly well off families, with comfortable lives, these women put themselves on the line for future generations.

Sylvia Pankhurst

Usually I am ensconced in a Tudor story, learning about those wives who were caught up in a world where they had no say and could be abandoned, or worse, at the whim of their husband or father. The 1800's saw a group stand up for their rights for life, to have a voice. Sometimes they used violence, other times peaceful means - strapped to railings, haggling at meetings. But without them, where would we be now?

I am thankful that I can make my own choices (good or bad). So, lets not forget these amazing women who changed the future.

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