Teaching and my first Skillshare class

Years back I wasn't accepted for teacher training college. This was straight after gaining my degree in Textile Design. I regularly taught in Sunday School and had always thought teaching would be a great vocation, gaining a subject specific degree followed by a certificate. This route was not to be.

Sharing what we know and how we do things is great, it somehow helps the soul to grow. If someone says "Wow, how did you do that?" or "Can you show me how to..." we jump at the chance to share.

There has been much discussion in one of my art groups, with a few having prepared, and  teaching art techniques on a website called Skillshare. "Good idea" thinks me. So, off I go to film a class....

Quite a few megabits of memory later, many 'out takes' of hesitation, deviation and just plain 'wrong' and a new Skillshare class is borne: 'Beginning with Brusho'. A step by step tutorial with a mix of screen shots, me talking to the camera and work in progress, a suitable length film showing how to paint some poppies.

If you want to give it a go: here is a code for the first 10 delegates: https://skl.sh/2GSVyOI